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Rooney is very active this year and 2016 will be her year on which I am pretty sure. She’s been doing many projects in movies and her very special latest movie is Carol for which she got even more popular and famous than she was before. If you’ve been watching our gallery and main site, she’s been very active in fashion too. She is very o ften on the cover of the

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It’s hard to imagine any one better suited to bring Patricia Highsmith’s densely meditative novel The Price of Salt to the screen than Rooney Mara. Who but the girl formerly with the dragon tattoo could make so alluring the intense interiority of Highsmith’s protagonist, Therese? Even when Mara presents a frosty and furrowed façade, as she did in the incest-rotten arctic of Stieg Larsson’s Sweden, and does here in an

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As you know, I’ve been doing gallery updates and adding missing images since the day of site being created. I’ve been a bit busy and couldn’t do more updates in the picture archive, but here’s the additions I’ve done lately, includes Magazine Scans from 2010-2013 years. The adds are from fashion magazines as well as miscellaneous movie news ones. I hope you enjoy, and check back the site/gallery for staying up-to-date with more